Back in January 2020 when we first launched at Digi, the response we received was out of this world. With over 2000 ravers coming down week in, week out, Utopiar quickly became the talk of the town, possibly even the North East as the biggest dance weekly event.

It’s only right we return home back to our roots, and bring back the biggest event Digital has ever seen. The record breaker. The trend setter. The beast of the North East.

This time, we’re going even bigger and even better! From the floor right to the ceiling, expect a trippy as f*ck experience from the second you walk through the doors!

We’re going overboard on decor, with the biggest set up we’ve ever done in all 4 rooms. UV lights will be fitted in every corner of the Main Room to glow up our neon-inspired decor to give everyone that real psychedelic experience! UV Photo points, CO2 Guns to get you lot going, and even a UV paint point, to light you up in the dark of the main room. 🍄 💊


Digital Times Square
Scotswood Rd
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4EP